Plane Wreck


On one of our trips deep into the lush forests of (southeast asia/thailand/bali/malaysia) searching for the Motark Monster, we nearly got lost. It wasn’t until we decided to find the nearest water source that we stumbled upon what is arguably our greatest discovery to date.

Next to this beautiful waterfall we saw the remnants of a small prop plane. Now, we’re not quite sure what happened here as we didn’t see any signs of human remains or any gear, but what we did find just behind the wreckage was exactly what we were searching for: the Motark footprints.

Not even 10 feet away were the most interesting looking kratom trees we’ve ever seen. Chewing on the leaves we knew there was something different about the trees and when we finally sent samples to the lab, each tree had a different chemical make up. We decided to combine all of them together and the result was our full spectrum blend that we now call Plane Wreck.